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It is no rocket science -- if you wish to lose weight and get rid of the excess fat in your body then you should track the food you're consuming. Contrary to the common misconception, counting calories is actually very beneficial because it enables one to lose weight faster since one would be aware of the nature of foods being ingested into the body this in turn would automatically make one more cautious about eating or drinking. By law food and drink products are required to show information about calories and other nutritional information on the product. So if you are looking to buy wine online then it will be possible to see the nurtional content. The same goes for shopping in store for a sandwhich. One of the best ways of making comparisons between wine and coffee is to refer to a side-by-side table which states all the nutrition facts and values in addition to the number of calories present in wine as well as coffee.

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In order to make wise choices about the beverages to consume, i.e. whether it is better to consume coffee or wine one should take a look at the fiber, calories, protein and fat content of the two beverages. On an average, in case of 8 fl oz of wine and 8 fl oz of coffee, there is a lot of difference in the calorie content. There is even more variations if you take into account different types of wines, such as Italian Wine or Australia wines. The same is true for different coffees as well. While 8 fl oz of coffee just has two calories, the same amount of wine contains 200 calories. This applies to the online or in brick and mortar liquor store. As far as the fat content is concerned, both the beverages do not contain fats. As for sodium, wine contains more sodium than coffee, i.e. in case of wine it is 8 mg of sodium while coffee just has 5 mg of the same. Wine scores higher in case of Potassium content too, while there is close to 300 mg of Potassium in wine, the same quantity of coffee only contains 116 mg. Also, wine contains 6 grams of carbs while coffee does not contain any carbohydrate at all.

While the two beverages are very different from one another, they share a lot of key fundamentals too! One of the similarities shared by both the beverages is that both do not contain any dietary fiber or protein. Both wine as well as coffee possesses an agricultural foundation. Moreover, their qualities are also affected drastically by technological, cultural and environmental factors. Coffee and wine are well known for their fragrance and taste and thus they form an integral part of different cultures around the world. Both are 'socializing fuels' in the sense that in the sense that they are consumed for pleasure and are used in case of special occasions.

While wine has a very famous history and it is very much appreciated by people all over the world, the same cannot be said when it comes to coffee unfortunately. While coffee is more or less considered to be a basic commodity, wines in general are considered to be a luxury commodity. Therefore, in case of fine wines online and coffee, fine wine would win hands down simply because of the fact that it is considered to be a more sophisticated drink. From the health viewpoint, both can be bad for health when consumed in huge quantities as one would be dealing with caffeine on one hand and alcohol on the other.